A Partnership Focused on AI-driven Customer Experience

May 1, 2024

Location: Netherlands

Deal Status: Current

Industry: Software

Anywhere365 aims to empower voice and digital dialogues for organizations worldwide and reduce unnecessary dialogues by providing seamless omnichannel communications and ensuring that no matter the channel, the context and history of the dialogue are always at the user's fingertips. Founded in 2011 and with now over 250+employees, Anywhere365 is trusted by 2,000+ enterprise customers globally. 

Since its initial investment in December 2019, Bregal Milestone has worked alongside Founder Gjis Geurts and his management team to accelerate the company’s growth and international expansion as well as enhance its product offering and strengthen the leadership team. Since 2019, Bregal Milestone has supported Anywere365 in completing four add-on acquisitions, with the latest one being Deepdesk (February 2024), an AI Assistant technology provider for customer support. Deepdesk’s proprietary AI capabilities and models perfectly integrate with theAnywhere365 platform and will enable strong co-development opportunities, resulting in a superior value proposition for Anywhere365’s customers, which include Rabobank, Mazda, NHS, Emirates, KPMG, Deloitte, Credit Suisse, Aldi and Vodafone.

The partnership with Anywhere365 has also resulted in great recognition. Anywhere365 is the world’s first certified Microsoft Teams Contact Center and was more recently recognized by ISG as a CCaaS Product Challenger for the Microsoft Ecosystem. Further, Anywhere365 is Microsoft’s 2023 Partner of the Year for the Netherlands.

Gijs Geurts, Founder of Anywhere365, and Cyrus Shey, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Bregal Milestone, share how we have partnered to grow Anywhere365’s geographic footprint and product offering.