Cyrus Shey in discussion with PEI on how to get on tech LPs' radars

November 19, 2021

Cyrus Shey sat down with PEI to discuss how we harness data and technology in both origination and value creation:

Private equity firms spent a record $80 billion acquiring companies in the global technology sector in the first quarter of this year alone, an all-time high for a three-month period and up more than 141 percent on the same period in 2020, per Bloomberg data.

Bregal Milestone is a European technology growth investor focused on helping late-stage growth companies reach their potential, working across software, technology-enabled services, data infrastructure, healthcare IT and services, financial technology and consumer/internet.

Our origination is underpinned by technology; we have engaged a team of data scientists and software engineers to build our proprietary sourcing algorithms and IP called the Beehive. It is the quality of our origination that allows us to find value in technology and pay the right multiples for those businesses.It is a combination of technology-enabled sourcing and sustainable value creation that allows us to drive strong performance.

Cyrus Shey,

Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Bregal Milestone

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