Bregal Milestone saw our potential as a high-growth, high margin software leader. From recruiting top-notch senior executives, to identifying accretive acquisitions, and optimizing our sales strategy, we are thrilled to have such a hands-on partner to accelerate our growth. Milestone has been a passionate and hard-working partner.

Gijs Geurts

Anywhere365 is a leading provider of Contact Center and Enterprise Dialogue Management solutions

Recognised by Gartner for powering 10x better customer experiences through seamless omni-channel communications

Anywhere365 is an omnichannel Contact Center and Enterprise Dialogue Management platform that streamlines communications for global companies with complex customer service needs. It has more than 1,000 customers in 54 countries, including multinationals such as Philips, Royal Dutch Shell, Rabobank, Société Générale, and Nestlé. Anywhere365 enables effortless engagement of customers across multiple communications channels; all this while ensuring the context and history of the dialogue are always available at their fingertips.

Customers today have high expectations, and rightfully so, which is why Gijs’ vision for Anywhere365 resonated so strongly with us: empower anyone in an organisation to deliver exceptional customer experiences and creating long-lasting customer loyalty. The company also had a clearly-defined Microsoft-centric strategy, with this differentiation driving high growth and significant profitability in a crowded market.

Most importantly, Gijs and his team immediately stood out as leading technology entrepreneurs in their field, and we are enormously proud to have Partnered with them to support Anywhere365’s global growth ambitions.