Bregal Milestone has been instrumental in taking Epipoli to the next level. Not only have they been an invaluable sounding board, but with their support, we have continued to achieve significant double digit annual growth rates, we have expanded the management team in a significant way and we have been working together on transformative acquisitions.

Gaetano Giannetto
CEO and Founder

Epipoli is a leading and fast-growing provider of gift cards and customer engagement services to corporates in Italy

Pioneering a new age of prepaid payment networks and branded currency

Epipoli enables the digital transformation journey of its clients by delivering flexible prepaid and gift card solutions, supported by one the largest network of connected merchants in Europe. Working with global brands, the platform seamlessly integrates 250+ partners and 50,000+ stores to sell and manage over 5 million gift cards every year. Epipoli’s solution helps its clients increase customer loyalty and retention, as well as improve employee engagement through its digital welfare programme. Epipoli has one the largest, differentiated content portfolios on offer and the API-based, integrated platform can now be deployed across southern, western and northern Europe.

Gaetano is the epitome of a visionary entrepreneur, harnessing his boundless energy to build his version of the future. We are excited to have partnered with him and his team to support their ambition for Epipoli to become the leading European omni-channel marketplace for prepaid cards.