Education is a fundamental pillar of society and should be available to everyone; Odilo's aim is to enable exactly this, and this new investment will allow us to bring our learning platform to an even wider audience. We're thrilled to partner with the Bregal Milestone team, combining our experience to grow our product range and global presence

Rodrigo Rodriguez

Odilo is the first unlimited digital content platform that provides a fully personalised collaborative learning experience for users of all ages and circumstances – in school, college, university, or in the workplace

Headquartered in Spain with +200 employees, ODILO is led by CEO Rodrigo Rodriguez, and supported by an ambitious and proven leadership team. Odilo allows users to create customisable learning paths, supported by a content library of nearly 3 million titles from over 6300providers in 43 languages. Through its innovative approach to EdTech, ODILO democratises access to high-quality education, improves global literacy, and empowers informed thinking for users around the world. ODILO’s versatile offering has proved thoroughly successful, with the company having gained +170 million individual users and 8500 B2B customers globally since inception in 2011.

Odilo benefits from a high growth of the EdTech market, driven by increasing demand for upskilling workforces, and great e-learning penetration with benefits including flexibility and convenience, as well as lower costs and infrastructure required, coupled with increasing desire for remote learning on the back of the pandemic. The market growth is also underpinned by a growing need for personalised experiences, with materials that are kept frequently updated.