Having grown at over 200% annually in recent years, we wanted to onboard a value-adding partner to retain focus and drive continued growth. We look forward to working with Milestone on further enhancing the commercialisation of our award-winning technology as well as our internationalisation.

Fernando Benito
Co-founder and CEO

The market leading provider of scheduled, next-day and same-day e-commerce delivery solutions

Offering one of the most advanced technology platforms and networks for e-commerce delivery in Europe

In a world where quick and convenient e-commerce deliveries are expected, it is paramount for leading brands to offer time-slot deliveries at scale. Paack is the European leader for same-day and next-day schedule deliveries, leveraging its proprietary, full-stack software platform to deliver exceptional customer experience and an unrivalled delivery track record. Paack’s customer experience and successful deliveries is unrivalled in the market. In just five years, Paack has carried out over 20 million deliveries across 4 countries managed through their 3,000+ delivery partner network. Paack’s technology backbone has won the trust of Europe's top online brands to become one of the continent’s fastest growing companies.

We first met Paack’s founders, Fernando and Xavi, in 2019 and were immediately impressed by the technology they had built to deliver on their vision. We began working with them on how we could support Paack’s rapid scale with an investment from Bregal Milestone, and executed the transaction quickly and efficiently as Paack’s growth went exponential during the covid pandemic. We’re excited to work with the team to bring more merchants in more markets the benefits of Paack’s solution, and, in so doing, fundamentally disrupt the delivery experience for online brands and customers by making the last-mile more efficient and sustainable.