Gijs Geurts
CEO, Anywhere365

Accelerated growth through data-driven insights

We leverage big data and artificial intelligence to build companies with lasting significance
The Beehive, our proprietary data engine, proactively delivers market and competitive opportunities you can act on. Our approach removes much of the stress and uncertainty around taking the next big step in your scale-up journey.  
The Beehive supports our own investment activity every day. Our investment team takes advantage of these data-driven insights to successfully identify interesting and high-potential businesses to invest in.

When it comes to growth, we leave nothing to chance.


The Beehive analyses millions of data sources to proactively surface trends and acquisition opportunities that align with your strategic roadmap and enhance your core offering.


Data analysis supports the identification and due diligence of acquisition targets. In execution, our team does the heavy lifting. You can expect a seamless accretive acquisition process designed to accelerate your product, geographic or customer growth.


We’re in it for the long-haul. Which means we understand that success is contingent upon smooth post-acquisition integration. Our approach looks to embed synergy across systems, processes, people and culture to ensure your full potential is realised.

A highly targeted approach to growth

Spot trends

We crunch and analyse enormous amounts of company, people, market and consumer data across multiple sources. Allowing you to take advantage of the trends, patterns and challenges that will directly impact your business.

Capitalise on opportunities

Our proprietary algorithms screen over a million companies to identify new deals and add-on acquisitions that will accelerate your growth plans.

Act with confidence

Make informed decisions based on a full 360-degree view of your industry and geography

We built Beehive to give our portfolio companies the "unfair advantage" against their competition.

All the founders we've partnered with have entrusted us to help them accelerate the growth of their businesses both organically and inorganically. At Bregal Milestone, we take this responsibility very seriously. Beehive is a proprietary decision support platform leveraging data and technology to surface add-on acquisitions, market analysis, and industry trends for our management teams.

Ian Kwok

Managing Director