Our heritage

Bregal Milestone is backed by Bregal Investments, a global private equity investment firm that has invested more than €18 billion since inception in 2002.

Bregal Investments is the private equity platform that forms part of COFRA Holding, a privately held group of companies headquartered in Switzerland. COFRA also includes a global fashion retail business, a real estate business, a solar energy business and an asset management platform.

Bregal Investments brings experience and stability to all of its investment activities, operating in a spirit of engaged entrepreneurship that has characterised the Brenninkmeijer family owners’ activities for six generations, since the founding of C&A in 1841 by brothers Clemens and August Brenninkmeijer.

For more information about Bregal Investments, see www.bregal.com.

For more information about COFRA, see www.cofraholding.com.